JUSTFOG P16A VV Starter Kit 900mAh

JUSTFOG P16A VV Starter Kit 900mAh

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100% EU TPD compliant
Childproof opening system
Easy body-spinning airflow control
Anti-spit back protection
100% Japanese organic cotton coil
Double protection system for coil short
Perfect vaporization of high nicotine liquid
Variable output voltage in 3 levels
Constant output at the selected voltage
Direct display of the current voltage
Display of the remaining battery in 3 colors
Battery protection functions
Easy to charge via USB cable

JUSTFOG P16A VV Starter Kit - 900mAh

Power on/off: Press the fire button 4 times within 2 seconds to turn the device on and off. 

Voltage control function: It delivers constant voltage in 3 levels (3.4V-3.8V-4.2V). 

Remaining battery capacity display
White: battery remaining 60 -100%; Blue: battery remaining 20 - 60%; Red: battery remaining 0 - 20%

Smart protections: short circuit protection, overheating protection, overdischarge protection, overcharge protection, overvoltage protection

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